Have you ever considered the needs of Wheelchair users in hotels? 

For a hotel and bedroom to be completely accessible, it takes a lot more than a ramp at the front door. Here at Aspect Hotel Park West we care deeply about all our guests and want to make the hotel as accessible as possible, so all ages and abilities are catered for. We are delighted to have paired with Mobility Mojo, an independent, global rating system for accessibility, to get a modern snapshot of the hotel’s accessibility rating.

Why is accessibility important?

It is hugely important to us that every guest in Aspect Hotel Park West has a memorable experience for the right reasons. Each guest that crosses our door should always feel comfortable and at ease and our staff always strive to make our guests feel at home. 15% of the world’s population has some form of mobility difficulty, meaning a huge portion of our guests will also face these difficulties.

Mobility and accessibility issues come in many forms, from wheelchair access to ensuring there is enough space for a pram or buggy to pass safely and smoothly through the hotel. 25% of the entire tourism market will be made up of those with accessibility needs by 2020, due to age-related impairments. We want to ensure that we can comfortably accommodate all guests, regardless of ability or special needs.

What accessible features does the Aspect Hotel Park West have?

We are delighted to have been awarded the Gold Standard inaccessibility, meaning we provide outstanding examples and a superb level of accessibility.

Public Areas:

Our car park has two dedicated accessible parking spaces for use by valid pass holders only. Our front entranceway is fully automated meaning no awkward pushing or pulling is necessary. Guide and service dogs are always welcome in the hotel and bedrooms.

Our fully accessible public bathrooms are located on the ground floor, meaning no awkward steps or lift trips are needed. We also have dedicated baby changing facilities available in the lobby. Our lobby, bar, and restaurant are all open plan, making moving freely and choosing where to sit a lot easier. 

Our lifts have extra-wide doors, raised numbers and Braille on the buttons, as well as a voice announcement of the floors. In addition to these features, we have a team of well-trained and competent staff who are willing to go above and beyond to ensure our guests are accommodated.


We are delighted to offer 12 fully- accessible bedrooms for guests use, some of which have an interconnecting room in case a guest needs somebody close by to assist them. In these bedrooms, we have made some special changes to ensure wheelchair users feel comfortable. Each of these has lowered door handles, beds, sinks, wardrobe rails, and door viewers to make it easier to navigate. We have left extra space on either side of the bed as well as space below. 

The fire alarm in the bedroom is not only audible but we have installed a flashing beacon alarm for our hard of hearing guests.


Our specially designed bathrooms, one in each accessible room, are altered from our normal bathroom design but are still stylish and functional. They are each equipped with hand and grab rails, a lowered mirror, a fixed shower seat, adjustable shower head and height, space below the sink and an emergency alarm cord should you run into difficulty. The bathrooms and shower areas are spacious and without ledges or shower trays so guests can move around freely and uninhibited even if wheelchair-bound.

Our Accessibility Rating

Mobility Mojo have provided us with an independent accessibility rating which we are happy to be able to show you here;

Accessibility for all our guests is something we care deeply about in Aspect Hotel Park West. Our guests are our top priority and we want to ensure that absolutely everyone has a great stay. If you would like to make a booking in one of our accessible rooms or have any suggestions on how we can improve our service, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team.

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