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Aspect Hotel Park West – Encouraging Responsible Travel

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    Aspect Hotel Park West – Encouraging Responsible Travel
    Sustainability, reducing waste and respecting the environment is a hot topic these days in politics, business and for individuals. We all have our part to play to protect our environment and safeguarding it for generations to come. Sustainability has been a priority for Aspect Hotel for many years and we promote both guest and employee responsibility. We are delighted to have been awarded Silver certification from Green Tourism, a body awarding the efforts and responses of properties within the hospitality industry to eco-tourism. We’re delighted with the result and encourage our team to continue their diligence to further improve our score.

    Green Tourism

    Green Tourism is an awards certification programme which recognises the commitment of tourism businesses to becoming more sustainable. It’s an internationally recognised certification that acts as an indicator of good environmentally-friendly practices. Becoming more sustainable without negatively affecting the standard of our guest experience means we attract business from more climate-conscious guests and allow them to make more informed decisions when choosing a hotel. Their technical experts offer practical advice and support to update outdated processes and procedures making becoming greener easier than you think. Green Tourism promotes greener ways for businesses and organisations to operate, by offering members advice on:
    • Reducing energy use
    • Saving water
    • Efficient & eco-friendly waste disposal
    • Ethical buying
    • Staying local & seasonal
    • Minimising food miles
    • Promoting biodiversity
    • Adopting a smart, sustainable outlook

    Sustainability in Aspect Hotel Park West

    At Aspect Hotel Dublin, our team and management want to do everything we can to limit our impact on the environment. We are delighted with our silver certification from Green Tourism and continue to improve our policies and look for advice on how to reduce our carbon footprint wherever possible. The current initiatives in place already range from the general running of our building to the daily maintenance and operations within the hotel giving us real and measurable results.

    Our Surroundings

    Despite being located in a busy industrial estate, Park West Business Campus boasts beautifully maintained grounds, thoughtful planting, and a natural border with the historic Grand Canal. We’re located near a Green Route, an 8.5km pedestrian and cycle path, which offers an alternative mode of transport for commuters to leave their cars at home. Along the canal Park West has installed bat roosting boxes and created underground holts to provide shelter and breeding opportunities for otters.

    Our Building

    We’re constantly improving the building and upgrading our facilities to ensure energy efficiency. We have double-glazed windows throughout and all of the lighting in the hotel and car park is LED. We operate a key card electrical system in the hotel, so energy is only used when the key is in place and the room is occupied. Our heating system is manually operated by guests, therefore only used when required. We use responsible suppliers and service providers to ensure the products we use and the waste we produce has as little impact as possible.


    We encourage guests and staff to join us on our mission to become greener. We promote the use of public transport and bikes as means of transportation, moving away from private vehicles. The national Bike to Work Scheme is available to our staff and the hotel is situated only 2 minutes walk from both Train, Bus & Luas terminals into the city centre. Park West Business Campus operates a paid bike system for those who need to go short distances without using taxis or public transport. The terminal is located directly across from the hotel entrance.

    How Can You Help?

    There are many ways guests can help us achieve our sustainable goals. We encourage responsible transport like bikes and public transport and our team are always happy to offer advice or directions. Within the city, guests can opt for walking tours instead of taxis or buses, getting their steps up while reducing carbon emissions. Shopping and eating locally helps to promote the local economy and reduces food miles. Saying no to that extra packing while our shopping helps to reduce waste produced by the hotel. Reusing towels, switching off taps, lights and heating when not in use helps to reduce excess energy use. All of these little things add up to a big change. Book a stay in our four-star hotel in Dublin and witness a silver-rated Green Tourism property in action. Find information about our sustainability efforts and access to our best available rates exclusively on our website.

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