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Green Tourism

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    Green Tourism

    While we encourage everyone to do always their best to be as sustainable as possible, it can be easy to forget about your commitments when you’re travelling. We so easily pick up single-use plastic, take our cars and don’t take care to recycle when we are on the road, as we’re out of routine and habit. However, when you make an informed decision and choose more sustainable accommodation you’re doing something small with minimal effort.

    While some changes and policies might seem small, many small changes can make one big difference. At Aspect Hotel Park West, we are committed to the implementation of proactive measures to help protect and sustain the environment for future generations of our guests and employees.

    Our Environment

    Big changes start from small actions. Park West Campus, the home of Aspect Hotel, has beautifully maintained grounds, with a natural border and the historic Grand Canal running through. The Green Route, an 8.5km pedestrian and cycle path, offers an alternative mode of transport for commuters and leisure users. Park West has installed bat roosting boxes and created underground holts to provide shelter and breeding opportunities for otters.

    Inside the hotel, we’re doing our bit to be as conscious of our environment as possible. We have double-glazed windows throughout to maintain a constant temperature. Each room has personally controlled heating so it’s only in use when needed. All the lighting in the hotel is LED, both in-house and throughout the carpark. The carpark lighting system is controlled by a sensor to minimise use and disturbance to our neighbours, human and animal.

    Green Tourism

    We have been awarded silver status by Green Tourism, an organisation that supports and encourages sustainable tourism across the globe. Green Tourism encourages businesses and organisations to operate in more sustainable ways. Including reducing energy waste, saving water, and promoting a smart and sustainable outlook throughout the hotel.

    Aspect Hotel Park West has undergone a full review of our processes and practices and has put in place tangible changes to meet their high standards. We are proud of our Silver award and intend to renew and improve our scores as time goes on.

    Green Meetings Charter

    Our Green Meetings Charter ensures your event is planned in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. We’re well connected by public transport allowing guests and delegates to commute while reducing their carbon footprint. Catering for meetings is as low impact as possible with organic, local and fair-trade ingredients where possible, served with minimal single-use plastic and tableware. We cater to exact numbers, reducing costs and food waste.

    Our on-site compactors and recycling facilities help to sort any waste that our events generate and it’s disposed of by licenced and responsible waste management companies. These are some of the small changes we have made to the way we plan events and it has made a measurable difference to our carbon footprint.

    Our Operations

    We have made dozens of changes to our operations and encourage our guests to be as responsible as possible while staying in our hotel in Dublin too. We offer linen/towel change upon request, instead of automatically every day. We use biodegradable and non-toxic cleaning products. All hotel room lighting is LED which are proven to use up to 90% less energy and last up to 25 times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs.

    We use refillable bathroom toiletries, rather than smaller single-use toiletries. We include recycling bins in our guest rooms to assist in separating waste. All our energy is obtained from renewable sources. We close windows when the heating is on. All our waste is separated to ensure easy disposal. We have removed all notepads from meeting rooms & bedrooms. We use compostable cups for all takeaway coffees. All single-use plastics have been removed throughout the hotel from straws to stirrers, plates, and cutlery. We work closely with our preferred suppliers ensuring they are also doing their best for the environment without impacting the quality of our guests’ stay.

    If you’re worried about your carbon footprint while travelling, choosing a hotel that is succeeding in becoming greener is the first step to improvement. Aspect Hotel welcomes suggestions and feedback on our efforts to become a more sustainable accommodation option in Dublin. Book using our website for our lowest available rates, guaranteed.

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    Green Tourism

    While we encourage everyone to do always their best to be as sustainable as possible, it can be easy to forget about your commitments when

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