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Our Serviced Apartments

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    Our Serviced Apartments

    Did you know that Aspect hotel park West offers a range of self-catering serviced apartments, especially for our long-stay guests? Here’s why you might choose a serviced apartment over a standard hotel room for your next long-term trip to Dublin.


    Hotel rooms, although luxurious and comfortable, can be quite restrictive when staying for a longer term. You don’t have a lot of flexibility when it comes to preparing food, traveling as part of a party or the space to travel with the luggage you need. When you are staying for a longer term, either as part of a corporate trip or a long-stay vacation, our serviced apartments aim to give you a flexible, home from home feeling.


    Hotel rooms are exactly that, a single room with an en suite, giving you restricted space to move around or make yourself truly comfortable. When traveling for a longer term, you’ll travel with more luggage and will need more storage. Our serviced apartments not only have a spacious bedroom, a spotless en suite, and an attached living area, but they each also have a small kitchen too. We also have both one and two-bed options if you need space for an extra colleague or family member.


    The presence of a kitchen in your accommodation makes a huge difference to your stay. It gives you the flexibility to prepare what you want to eat whenever you want it. You are not confined by restrictive restaurant mealtimes or menus. If you have a special dietary requirement or are a fussy eater, you are free to prepare suitable food any time of the day. We provide all the crockery, cutlery and utensils needed to cook from scratch or a microwave if you prefer something fast. The built-in fridges are also an ideal place to store medicine if required.

    Laundry facilities
    You can pack lighter knowing your serviced apartment contains a washer/dryer unit so you can launder your clothes as needed. No need to use a costly hotel laundry service, which is often outsourced to a third-party company. You can launder your clothes as often as you need and dry them immediately instead of hanging them out. We also provide an iron and ironing board so your clothes will look as good as new without the need for an expensive laundry service.


    Hotels, although they may have great value rates, come with a lot of hidden expenses. You usually don’t have anywhere to prepare or store food, making simple things like breakfast becomes a hassle. Over a long stay, eating out for every meal is very expensive, diving up the cost of the trip overall. When you choose a serviced apartment, you save money on costly food bills because you have the freedom to store food and dine in-house.

    Often colleagues are understandably unwilling to share a room, making the cost of a business trip a lot higher. Luckily our serviced apartments come in 1- or 2-bedroom options so each traveler has a degree of privacy from the other, just sharing public areas.

    If you are interested in booking one of Aspect Hotel Park West serviced apartments, contact our friendly reservations team. Remember to always book direct for the best available rate guaranteed.

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