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Sports In Ireland

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    Sports In Ireland

    We are a passionate people and that’s never truer than when we are representing our local clubs or our country on the sports field. According to findings from Teneo Sport and Sponsorship Index, Ireland’s favourite sports are Gaelic games, soccer, and rugby. However, no matter what sport you’re into, it’s likely you’ll find some sort of supporters club in Dublin. There are sporting events that happen throughout the year and they are known as some of the most exciting days in the city. Book a stay in Aspect Hotel Park West and enjoy some of the city’s biggest sporting events in person this year.

    Hurling & Camogie

    Gaelic games like hurling and football are unique to Ireland, although similar to other sports. If you’ve never heard of Hurling, or its female counterpart Camogie, it’s one of the fastest and most exciting games in GAA. The game is played using a Hurl – a long wooden stick, and a Sliotar – a baseball-like, leather-coated ball.

    The aim of the game, like most sporting events, is to score points or goals against the opposition working your way up the pitch with speed skill, and agility, and without traveling holding the Sliotar. The championship begins in April and ends on 23 July 2023 with the All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship in Croke Park. The all-time record-holders are Kilkenny, who have won the championship on 36 occasions.

    GAA Football

    Much like hurling, Football is similar to Rugby or Australian Aussie Rules but with some unique rules and a smaller goal. There are scores of local and community clubs around Ireland but the dream for players is to make it to county level, which means representing your county within the league and hopefully winning a final.

    GAA is played in Croke Park the largest stadium in Ireland located in a suburb of Dublin City, which is a fantastic place to go to learn more about the history of the sport or for a stadium tour. There are matches played all summer long with the All-Ireland Final set to be played on 30th July 2023. Tickets for the final are gold dust but you can get involved by attending games in the run-up and experiencing the joy of the game no matter who’s playing. Currently, Dublin are the title holders having won 6 of the 7 previous years’ finals.

    League of Ireland

    While Gaelic games are the most watched sports in Ireland, more people play soccer than any other sport. Soccer is a hugely popular sport here with many individuals and families supporting UK Premier League teams. However, we do have our own football league here in Ireland which fans of the beautiful game will tell you is much better than our UK counterpart.

    League of Ireland Premier Division is a league of professional football clubs from Ireland and Northern Ireland. St Patrick’s Athletic and Bohemians (both Dublin teams) are the only current League of Ireland clubs never to have been relegated from the Premier Division. Matches are held in local stadiums such as Dalymount Park and Richmond Park and tickets can be bought from local teams or online.

    Rugby in Dublin

    Did you know that Ireland has one of the best rugby teams in the world? We’ve beaten each of rugby’s leading countries– England, Scotland, Wales, New Zealand, Australia, and world champions South Africa. Hundreds of small clubs play rugby across Ireland but there are four provincial teams with the cream of the crop players, Munster, Leinster, Ulster, and Connaught.

    We’re lucky in the capital to have the RDS and Aviva Stadium, the homes of Irish Rugby right here, making attending these excellent match days much easier. EPCR Challenge Cup and Heinekens Champion Cup matches take place in May every year after which the leagues take a break. If you’re not lucky enough to get a ticket to any of the big rugby games played in Dublin, the local pubs are usually heaving with fans shouting for their favourites.

    Don’t miss any of the sporting action in Dublin this summer. Book your stay in Aspect Hotel Park West and get into the action with a comfortable, great-value stay on the city’s edge.

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