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Sustainability & Our Hotel

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    Sustainability & Our Hotel

    Sustainability is a relatively new concept, especially in the world of tourism. It’s not just a buzzword at Aspect Hotel – we are taking steps and making changes to limit our impact on the environment. We are continuing to improve what we can, reducing our carbon footprint and making our hotel as sustainable as possible without impacting the standard of service for our guests. We have several initiatives in place with everything considered from the running of our building to the behaviour of our staff as they go about their daily work.

    Our Building

    We have improved the hotel to ensure it is as energy efficient as it can be and improvements are still ongoing. Each of our bedrooms and public spaces has double glazing throughout. This helps to trap heat and prevent condensation from forming. The hotel lighting is completely LED, both in-house and in the car park. The car parking lighting operates via sensors to minimise energy use. Each of our bedrooms has an individually controlled heating system which is only activated and used as required by our guests. We also have a key-card electrical system which is only in use when the guest leaves their key inside the slot.

    Hotel Operations

    We are constantly reviewing the hotel operations to improve our carbon footprint and waste production. Our waste management supplier focuses on reducing landfill and increasing recycling. Hotel departments are audited and closely monitored to ensure compliance throughout. We separate our waste into compost, cardboard and glass as well as our usually recycling and general waste bins.

    We have removed all single-use plastics throughout the hotel from straws to stirrers, plates, and cutlery and have replaced them with a more sustainable alternative. We have removed all notepads from meeting rooms & bedrooms and now use compostable cups for all takeaway coffees. These little changes add up to a substantial change in our habits and have lowered our water production.

    We have worked hard to reduce the amount of water being wasted by adjusting shower head flows without impacting the pressure or effectiveness of the flow. Water temperatures are also closely monitored to ensure energy is not being wasted.

    Hotel Cleaning

    Starting from the very basics – the chemicals we use. We exclusively use Ecolab products in the cleaning of our hotel; a company whose ethos includes supporting sustainability goals. All our chemicals throughout the hotel are on automatic dosing systems, therefore only the exact amount of chemical is used at all times, our bottles are reusable and refillable. The chemicals we use are as effective in cold water so we don’t need to heat our water to give an effective clean.

    Our bathroom guest supplies are wall mounted and re-fillable and we do not provide single-use products. The packaging is also biodegradable where possible.

    We work closely with our preferred linen supplier ensuring they are also doing their best for the environment. They operate a Smart Water Reduction System along with Steam and Heat Recover Systems throughout their plants.

    What can our guests do to help?

    We believe that true changes comes from education. Our staff are highly trained in our sustainability procedures and we are constantly looking for ways to improve. Guests can help by following these simple tips:

    • Only use the water you need. Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth and avoid long showers or overfilled baths.
    • We offer service-free rooms, offering our guests the option to help reduce their carbon footprint. If you don’t need service in your room, opt-out, saving supplies and chemicals being used unnecessarily. Hang up towels that you wish to use again.
    • Save energy by taking your key card with you when you leave the room. Don’t leave anything plugged in or switched on when you’re not using it. You can also manually control the heating in the room as you need it.
    • Go paperless when you check in & out. We offer paperless invoicing to guests, so you’ll still receive your bill, just to your email.

    To learn more about how Aspect Hotel Park West is striving to become a more sustainable hotel, visit our sustainability page. You can also read our blogs, learn more about the hotel or book our best available rates and special offers. If you see something we could improve upon, please let our reception team know. We’re always happy to receive suggestions.

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